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ID Picture Taking

July 20, 2023

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  1. Only officially enrolled learners are allowed to have their ID pictures taken.
  2. Come to school by bringing or wearing your upper daily uniform (polo for boys and blouse for girls). If uniform is not yet available, boys may wear white polo or polo shirt with collar while girls may wear any white blouse.
  3. Boys are required to be in their proper haircut (barber’s cut). Dyed hair is strictly prohibited for both boys and girls. You will not be allowed to have your picture taken if these rules are not observed.
  4. Bring the following during the picture taking:
  5. Short bond paper with your full name and grade & section visibly and clearly written.

NOTE: Section can be viewed in the School Aide portal ( If not yet available, you may send an email to the registrar at [email protected].

  1. your Certificate of Enrollment (soft or hard copy) which can be downloaded from the School Aide portal.

Proceed to BB 202 (second floor) for the ID picture taking. Present your Certificate of Enrollment to the personnel in-charge and wait for your turn.


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