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Oh, My Jesus Good Shepherd see us gathered from near and far, proclaiming that you are our Master, our Shepherd. You call and lead us to fruitful paths of peace and contentment.  In you, Jesus is sweet labor and joyful rest, never have you failed us sweet Jesus, never have you abandoned us. Through dark nights and difficult moments you carry us, there is no fear when you are near. You are the way, the truth, and the life, without you, who can survive?  

Our father… Hail Mary… Glory Be…



Good morning Father, Son and the Holy Spirit we praise and thank you for the many gifts you have given us, especially the gift of our lives for giving us people who love, guide, and help us. We offer you, all that we think, do, and say. We are very sorry if we hurt somebody today. Lord, please help us to be always faithful and grateful children. Help us show our thanks by being good children. Amen

Our father… Hail Mary… Glory Be…


L: Jesus the Good Shepherd

A: Have Mercy on Us

L: Sacred Heart of Jesus

A: Make our Hearts like Yours





I hear the shepherd’s voice

Gathering us all,

To see the beauty of the world

And feel the love of all.


To know what’s right or wrong

With fearless hearts lead on

And someday to revive the land

With God above us all.




Bright with the Spirit’s light

Shine on, Shine on

I praise my God For thee.



Alma Mater Dear

Forever, and eve

My heart shall burn for thee.


(Repeat Chorus)


Lyrics and Melody by: Carol Dimaano

Musical score by: Myers and Joseph Dimson













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