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Philosophy of Education

We believe that our pupils & students should receive an education that develops their minds and nurtures their hearts to be academically excellent, spiritually exuberant, morally upright, and socially productive through curricular programs that emphasize the Catholic religion as the core, in order to give them opportunities to develop sound critical thinking and decision-making skills to be able to make enlightened life-choices.

Likewise, we believe that our pupils & students are the centre of our educational process, with the teachers as caring companions in the journey of faith and competent facilitators of knowledge, wisdom, skills, and values, in a safe and secure educational environment that actively promotes learning and provides adequate support services that ennoble and enable them to make creative responses to life-realities.



Good Shepherd Cathedral School is an innovative Christ-centered educational institution committed to accompanying and forming stakeholders into good citizens and disciples.



In our ardent desire to make Jesus Christ the center of our educational institution, we thus commit ourselves to:

  1. Proclaim Jesus Christ (saving presence, words, and deeds) to all.
  2. Advocate, actuate and advance programs/projects that are essential and relevant to level-up the teaching-learning encounter or experience, research, and community service.
  3. Collaborate with strategic partners on the successful implementation of the K-12 curriculum and prompt delivery of appropriate response to any existing and emerging situations and challenges.
  4. Exercise genuine stewardship in good governance (judicious, efficient, effective, ethical, elegant, & excellent) for the sustainability and continuing progressive development of the school.

Institutional Goals

  • To promote the spirit of good character through relative inquiry, critical thinking, and moral decision-making in the face of the ever-growing complexity of living in pluralistic society;
  • To provide a wide range of opportunities in addressing the needs of every student through contemporary theories and research-based findings on effective teaching and learning;
  • To sustain the holistic development of all stakeholders in its school offerings through appropriate programs rooted in Gospel values;
  • To advocate cooperation and partnership through active involvement in upholding Catholic teaching pertinent to current educational and social, moral, and ethical issues.
  • To encourage concern for others with Christian spirituality as its core through creativity and innovation in an environment where every experience is seen as a learning opportunity.

Core Values


GOOD – Mabait, Mabuti, Mahusay / Magaling

H – Humble / Humility

E – Exuberant / Exuberance

A – Amiable / Amiability

R – Respectful / Respect

T – Trustworthy / Trustworthiness



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